Foreword of Homa Monograph

Our monograph dedicated to Homa’s first twenty years, is an important milestone by all means, but also a new starting point for our company and a spur to keep breaking new ground in the world of cooling, shaping the
future of our industry.
Dear Homa Team and Valued Partners,

As we stand on the threshold of a new year, I reflect on our incredible journey together.
The year has been remarkable, filled with growth, innovation, and the unwavering spirit that defines us.
Born as a pure OEM industrial player, Homa stays true to its original mission yet has evolved into a force to be reckoned with in the world of "original concept appliances".

This transformative journey has been inspiring, marked by our commitment to innovation and adaptability.

As pioneers, we've not only embraced change but thrived in it.
Our story is one of continual evolution, a quest for fresh perspectives, and a determination to stay at the forefront of our industry. With each year, we've taken pride in our growth, but even more so in the entrepreneurial spirit that propels us forward.

Our legacy as a pure OEM, crafting top-notch cooling appliances, has shaped our commitment to quality, design, and maintaining a competitive edge in a dynamic market. Collaborating with manufacturers, importers, and private label specialists has been at the core of our B2B model, fostering enduring relationships based on client-centric excellence.

In the past two decades, we've witnessed substantial growth and navigated industry shifts with sustainable financial results. Our strategic pivot to original concept appliances, underlined by outstanding design and proprietary food preservation solutions, has set us apart as an innovative powerhouse.
Today, the 'ODM/OEM Plus!' initiative propels us into the future, supporting our clients' entire supply chain on a global scale.

Our commitment to innovation spans every aspect of our work — from manufacturing processes and quality standards to aesthetics, functionality, and ergonomics.
Homa stands as a beacon in the Cooling Appliances industry, actively contributing to global advancements.

As we enter the new year, our spirit remains as curious, dynamic, and ready to face challenges as it was on our first entrepreneurial adventure. Our tagline, "We take care of your dreams," encapsulates our mission to care for your aspirations, introduce ground-breaking design philosophies, and pioneer cutting-edge technology in food preservation.

Homa is not just a manufacturer; we are your supplier of choice and a partner in realizing your dreams.

Here's to a year filled with continued growth, innovation, and shared success.
I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!

Warm regards,
Michael Yao
CEO & President,
Homa Appliances Co., Ltd.
CEO's Foreword for Homa Monograph: Our First Extraordinary 20 Years
CEO's Foreword for Homa Monograph: Our First Extraordinary 20 Years

It is with great pride that I introduce this monograph dedicated to Homa’s first twenty years, an important milestone by all means, but also a new starting point for our company and a spur to keep breaking new ground in the world of cooling, shaping the future of our industry. In all these years, the quest for innovation was the driving force behind the way we conceive and industrialise products, and our very own approach to business, focused on the building and nurturing of strong, long-lasting relationships with our partners and clients.

Yes, we’ve come a long way since our beginnings, in 2002, when we were only a small factory in the Guangdong province, but with big ambitions, a strong mind and a clear vision. Today, walking into a store anywhere in the world, and realising one in five of the refrigerators on display came out of our production lines, fills me with emotion. Under the guidance of founder Shier Cai, we have evolved from simply manufacturing on a large scale at reduced prices to being listed on Shenzhen’s Stock Exchange, producing original design, global market-star appliances. And we have certainly no intention of stopping there, as we have now successfully taken the next step into being even more authentic, premium yet highly competitive, with a more innovative and flexible yet global-scale production approach, and supporting our clients with specific marketing and communication tools, from Point of Purchase to leaflets and brochures, to online dedicated content.
Homa turns 20 in the year its 100 millionth product rolls out of the factory! An incredible feat that certainly deserves to be celebrated. We’d like to do it with all those who have made it possible, our founders, our associates and colleagues, and most of all, you, our partners, clients and suppliers, because, since the beginning, we’ve always been on your team, and felt you’ve always been on ours, too. This monograph was compiled with the input of both Homa and external contributors. It retraces our extraordinary adventure, with different takes and perspectives on what Homa has achieved in its first 20 years, and is as much about how we see the world as how the world sees us! One thing is for sure, without you, there would be a lot less to write about.

Yet it wasn’t all a bed of roses, as Homa faced numerous challenges throughout its history, not least the recent global pandemics. Praise needs to be given to the women and men who kept the dream alive. As Shier Cai said: “In calm waters, everybody is a good captain, but it takes a storm to tell a good sailor. To us, the achievements we are evoking today are a lot more than simple numbers, they are the measure of our resolve, our engagement and of the extraordinary talent of the Homa people in sailing beyond the storm, following our vision and living up to our dream. I could not be prouder of these sailors, for what they have accomplished and for never stopping to believe in their own potential.”

As human beings, we tend to remember experiences and emotions more than numbers, commercial figures and dates, and this reflects in the style and content of this publication. After all, the products we manufacture have a strong connection to people’s emotions, witnessing the unfolding of their everyday lives as they sit at the centre of their domestic universe. Emotions run high in the interviews that make up part of the content of this monograph, offering a unique insight into the feelings, the memories and the motivations of those whom we may have considered so far as simple business acquaintances. They have opened up their hearts and made the entire exercise come to life, turning a formal corporate release into a poignant testimony of passion, talent and humanity.

Also, this being the celebration of the continued success of our business, some figures have indeed found their way into our account of the past 20 years. The most important milestones in Homa’s history are featuring in it, with key data about sales and production volumes, manufacturing footprint and workforce. They have been contextualised in the greater picture of the world’s own course of history, for we have always strongly felt part of the world, producing for the world, and also to give the reader a taste of the air du temps as we recall the events that marked our journey in this chapter entitled “the way of the dragon”.

The three pillars of Homa’s philosophy, Design, Care and Food Preservation also find good place in this book, in the form of their respective manifestos. While Design is the most obvious, supported here by a fascinating interview to one of our top designers, Care is possibly a little less self-evident but a distinctive trait of Homa’s way, and one of the secrets to our success. We take great care in conceiving and designing our products, in the sense that we listen to our counterparts with an open mind and the utmost attention, and try to understand the needs and aspirations of our clients and their end-consumers: the same care goes into every production phase, with great attention being paid to the smallest details. Again, care is key to our maintaining long lasting, true and strong relationships, based on trust and mutual respect. The third pillar, Food Preservation, is a step beyond the concept of cooling, that of the “simple white box”: it is much more articulate, as it entails the understanding of the what, why and how about the food consumers around the world put in their refrigerators, and the deployment of the science and the technology that will satisfy those needs, with a good dose of intuition, often helped by strategic insight into global consumer trends in the field. This approach is what leads us to bring on significant, meaningful innovation and introduce the right technology at the right time, shaping the industry’s evolution.

In its 20 years history, Homa has had to rapidly adapt to the constantly changing conditions of the business, the world economy and evolving global trends. We have changed incessantly, with the sole objective of not changing: 20 years on, we’re still ourselves, only bigger, and better, and as CEO of Homa Appliances, I am thrilled and profoundly honoured of leading the celebrations of our 20th anniversary. This monograph tells our tale, and if you read carefully, every line of it is telling yours, too. Thank you for being such an important part of our story.

Michael Yao
CEO & President,
Homa Appliances Co., Ltd.


2023 is not just another year for Homa - it's a fresh start.

As we navigate through a complex global landscape and a rapidly evolving industry, we are committed to embracing the new normal and setting a new standard for excellence. The past three years have been challenging for everyone, but we have used this time to make strategic moves to ensure our readiness for any black swan events.

Today, we proudly announce our future strategies and key messages that will shape our journey together.

At Homa, we have changed and grown in ways that make us stronger. Still, we have never strayed from our core values of being an “OEM/ODM-only” specialised supplier, focusing on refrigeration production and export business.
We are the number one refrigerator exporter in China and aim to maintain our position as Your Supplier of Choice and the world's top OEM/ODM supplier.

Our governance will be more stable and reliable than ever, with a top management team committed to investing in our products and production efficiency.

We will strive to maintain our competitiveness by delivering Best in Class solutions across all our pillars - Design, Food Preservation, and Care.

Our International Mindset sets us apart from our competitors, as we not only leverage China's scale in production and sales but also focus on offering industry solutions to customers with a need for local production, setting an innovative manufacturing network leveraging on our operational excellence (Marketing/design/engineering and development/quality/ purchasing/cost control/ manufacturing/communication)

At Homa, we care about sustainability and have comprehensive action plans to reduce our impact on the planet. We believe in designing sustainable products that focus on all the details, from product design to after-sales services. Our clean energy and waste management plans are just some of the measures we have implemented to reduce our carbon footprint. Join us in creating a better future where sustainability and innovation go hand in hand.

In short, We’ve Changed, Not to Change.
Yesterday today and tomorrow: we take care of your dreams

Michael Yao
CEO & President,
Homa Appliances Co., Ltd.
A Letter from the CEO about Natural Disaster
A Letter from the CEO about Natural Disaster

 Date: 10 FEB, 2023

Dear Friend,


The Homa family is deeply saddened by the recent earthquake that has affected your community, and our thoughts are with those affected by this tragedy.


Our hearts go out to lost loved ones, homes, and businesses.


As we watch the heart-breaking destruction and devastation unfold in the affected areas, we hope for an extensive and thriving search and rescue that may reunite families and friends with their loved ones and save more lives.


These are challenging times, and we want to support and stand with you during this difficult period.

Our values of relationship and care are at the forefront of everything we do, especially in times of crisis.


We are here to listen, help, and stand with you as you navigate these challenging times.


With sincere sympathy and support,


Yours faithfully,


Michael Yao

CEO & President,

Homa Appliances Co., Ltd.

Hello Friends,
Time flies, and the "bitter and sweet 2022" is ending.
The peculiar atmosphere wrapping this period of the year always reminds me of a time of "check, review, share, and move forward".
Starting in spring 2022, the Homa sales team travelled overseas despite complex quarantine rules to meet our customers. It helped us gain a fuller picture of the changed competitive arena and the global cooling market.
Above all, these trips also allowed us to spend quality time together.
In 2023, we will meet again on some physical occasions and celebrate our traditional Homa legacy together.
The last three years have made our world different from every perspective, from our personal life habits to our professional environment (product, market and consumer behaviour).
At Homa, we also changed a lot to match the changing world.
However, the spirit of Homa has stayed the same. We are still doing our best to be your supplier of choice.
Our distinctive vision powers our purpose around three pillars: CARE, FOOD PRESERVATION, and DESIGN. It is our UNIQUE values and it is our most AUTHENTIC identity to drive us moving forward.
Moreover, I feel a deep sense of importance to underline the gratitude and claim the value of the main ingredient: PEOPLE, that make our journey possible:
- the team who daily give their best here in the company to transform ideas into concrete actions, into fantastic products;
- you, our partners, both historical and new ones, your trust in our company.
People are the secret pixie dust boosting Homa's extraordinary journey.
Together we will tackle new challenges.
So, let's start by celebrating the inception of 2023 full of magic and ... new dreams!
I can't wait to see you soon.
Take care.

Michael Yao
CEO & President,
Homa Appliances Co., Ltd.
Dear Partners,
Homa is turning 20!
This is a celebrative occasion to reflect on the EXTRAORDINARY JOURNEY since 2002.
The world was a different place at the time, and so were, in many ways, products, markets and technologies.
Homa's world has dramatically evolved since then, from the business and the company's stance on the global marketplace to industrial processes.
Yet some things were the same then as they are today and go beyond the "magic white magic box" at the heart of our venture, such as the spirit of Homa, its UNIQUE values, and its most AUTHENTIC identity.
Our distinctive vision powers our purpose around three pillars: CARE, FOOD PRESERVATION and DESIGN.
With its load of new, enriching experiences, industrial achievements, learnings and new milestones, the path revealed, nurtured and enhanced our inner nature and will continue to do so for the years to come.
The material world might have changed.
But the sense of pride and the care for food preservation at its best while being ATTENTIVE to our planet's health have remained intact and, possibly, become more evident.
We promote and will continue to champion customer-centred INNOVATION via an inspired people-centred focus.
It is grounded in our DNA to pursue bold innovation by, with and for PEOPLE.
Our story is about people, our teams, our suppliers and YOU and the valuable RELATIONSHIP we jointly patiently and sincerely established.
So let us raise our glasses.
It is time to celebrate with immense gratitude for the wonder behind us.
With our gaze turned to the bright future!
We have NEW DREAMS to realise together!
Take care!

Michael Yao
CEO & President,
Homa Appliances Co., Ltd.

Earth Day is the only moment when all world citizens come together to celebrate our planet, promote harmony with nature and highlight ways of protecting the environment and fostering its preservation.

The United Nations celebrates International Mother Earth Day every year, one month and two days after the spring equinox, on April 22.

Officially born in 1970 to emphasise the need to conserve the Earth's natural resources, it has become an educational and informative event.

Creating an "Earth Day" was first discussed in 1962.

Still, Earth Day took shape in 1969 following the environmental disaster caused by the oil spill from the Union Oil well off the coast of Santa Barbara, California, as a result of which it was decided that the time had come to bring environmental issues to the attention of the public: all people, regardless of ethnicity, gender, income or geographical origin, have the right to a healthy, balanced and sustainable environment.

For Homa, as a pure OEM producer, one of the key factors of our success is the timely understanding of our client's needs to serve their own customers' aspirations.

We must recognise trends and signals in the world markets which indicate shifts in demand that are critical to our business.

Working with global clients means we need to be constantly anticipating those needs.

As we often say, listening is one of our most effective skills and part of our culture.

Caring is another one, and we feel a great sense of responsibility when it comes to the future of our planet, as the products we manufacture can and must play an essential rolein changing the current state of things.

We know our clients' customers are not prepared to compromise on this subject since they will be using their appliances every day for the next 8 to 10 years.

We have long recognised this trend and have focussed our efforts both on our industrial process and on the actual performance of our products. We have made enormous progress in energy classes and energy consumption in general, so we lifted our entire production towards high energy efficiency standards and overall recyclability, the best way for us to leverage economies of scale and remain highly competitive.

We make a point of using the latest, established technologies to offer attractive products and have a compelling design, but we are also champions of energy efficiency.

I feel a strong sense of purpose because, as a Company, we owe our part to reflect more and more deeply and carefully on environmental issues.

For this reason, we will soon share some of our considerations through the publication of our first "green paper."

This year Homa will turn 20.

Over the years, we have introduced many innovative platforms, but always with great attention to the environment. For instance, we have started using R600 refrigerant gas right from the beginning, potentially saving the atmosphere millions of tons of ozone-depleting substances.

All the instruction manuals of the million refrigerators we produce every year are printed with eco-friendly soy-based inkon recycled paper.

Every product in our range beats the industry average in terms of energy efficiency. While reading this article, we consider that around 45 million refrigerators manufactured by Homa are “switched on” around the globe, perfectly preserving food yet consuming energy. I therefore take it even more seriously to continue our path to reduce the impact of our products (and their production) on the environment.

In addition to the well-known energy consumption advancement, the stronger accent is now on two areas that anyway directly affect our industry:



Regarding reparability, I like to underline the introduction of our monumental TSM project states how Homa is in the right direction; in a world that increasingly needs sustainable attitudes, making products easily repairable is a demonstration of maturity.

At the same time, we have worked to make it easier and more immediate the supply of our original spare parts via our brand-new SPM service, a further effort to reduce waste and extend the life cycle of our products.

Regarding recyclability, we have started using more readily recyclable materials and fewer plastics when introducing new platforms.

In our trade, credibility is everything, and we want to pass on that credibility to our clients, whose brands will be held accountable for their products' impact on our planet.

With magical synchrony in April 2022, Homa will reach the 100 million refrigerators mark (more info will follow about this new milestone).

So today, we celebrate Earth Day.

On the other hand, this month, we will celebrate 100 million products manufactured, a considerable motive of pride for Homa and an important moment of deep reflection and care for our shared planet's future.

Michael Yao

Letter to Global Partners
Letter to Global Partners

16 April, 2020

Hello, everybody. First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest good wishes, to you and your loved ones. The epidemic is a global challenge. A sudden change that has brought sorrow to some, social distance to many. For sure it is changing the daily lives of us all. Six months ago, we were celebrating together. Today we planned to repeat that. I remember just before Chinese New Year, the team was discussing with me the plans for the April event. And then suddenly everything changed.

We discussed internally and finally decided: April 16th is still our "dream moment"! During the last few years, we built our shared legacy of celebration. We value our tradition; we forge ahead of our spirit, so we decided to perform the Homa event online.

We discussed internally and finally decided: April 16th is still our "dream moment"! During the last few years, we built our shared legacy of celebration. We value our tradition; we forge ahead of our spirit, so we decided to perform the Homa event online.

By this chance, I would like to deliver a big thank you to who is tackling the virus, as the doctors around the world, putting their own lives at risk. They are all heroes. I will never forget those of you who supported Homa during our February difficult moment. You donated and purchased medical supplies and equipment and you delivered your encouragements to us.

Together we will cope with this challenge.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining.
This temporary distance will not carry away the shared passion; We will be strong and we will adapt to the "new normal".

We can foresee nature awakens when winter ends. At Homa we are quickly returning to regular production pace.

We are rolling out with confidence a package of new activities to bounce back and move on. Not only the products but also other kinds of support. For example, financial support, production flexibility and special logistics arrangement.

We strengthen the guidance of our core: the historical top management team. The Company is ready to play its leading role in the industry.

This global pandemic will shape businesses for many years to come and Homa is ready for that. I believe you will be ready for that also. We are here for long. All my teams are working hard to assist and solve issues you may face. With passion, courage, and support, we will stand together.

This April, we will not perform the physical event, so we decided to donate all the event budget to support global pandemic prevention.

Once again, dear friends, more than ever, we are all in this together. Please stay safe, stay in contact. Please keep dreaming, keep confidence. After this crisis, we will all become stronger.

Hereby, I would like to say. Please come back on October Canton Fair

I expect to see you there. Thank you, thank you very much.

Michael Yao

CEO & President

Homa Appliances Co., Ltd