Located in Zhongshan, China, Homa is the fastest growing and largest refrigerator ODM producer in cooling industry. Since its incorporation in 2002, Homa has experienced a remarkable development, and achieved NO.1 position in refrigerator exports. As a young and vibrant company, Homa has committed to be ‘Always ODM, Always Unique and Professional’,  dedicating different solutions for our clients, and producing cooling appliances in the most competitive way in terms of quality, innovation and flexibility. 

Global Partnership
As the biggest refrigerator ODM supplier, Homa always focuses on long term co-operation and partnership establishment. Homa has kept successful business relationship with over 200 global brands, retailers and importers. With its rich knowledge on international business, Homa perfectly knows how to meet customer requirement from different markets and different levels. Homa has become the most reliable business partner in cooling industry.
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  • Management
    As the fasting-growing cooling manufacturer, Homa’s success can never be separated from its people. We have one of the most passionate, professional and experienced top management team in the cooling industry, which securing our core strengths and growing capabilities.
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    Shi'er Cai
  • David Wang
    David Wang
  • Simon Wu
    Simon Wu
  • Michael Yao
    Michael Yao
  • Junchao Zhang
    Junchao Zhang
  • Bob Yu
    Bob Yu
  • Peter Liu
    Peter Liu
  • History

    2015-Now On October 2015, Homa announces the acquisition of Zhongrongjin, a Beijing based company active in the Internet financing industry. Remaining independent management of 2 business divisions, the new combined business model leverages the stable profitability of refrigerator business and the rapid growth of internet-based financial business to further enhance the company’s strength and expand its scale. Homa keeps moving forward with an ambitious plan aiming at achieving an annual sales volume of 8.5 million units in 2018.

  • History

    2008-2014 丨 With our outstanding business performance, Homa achieved a remarkable annual growth and started a consecutive win as NO.1 refrigerator exporter in China. On April 2012, Homa has been listing on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock code 002668) and become the only cooling producer going public since 2000. 

  • History

    2005-2007 丨 In 2005 Homa took the lead to extend its business in EU areas. With core strengths of leading cooling technologies and European standards product development, we quickly conquered the EU market and developed strategic partnership with famous brands and retailers around the world.

  • History

    2002-2004  Homa initially started its journey by orientating the ODM market needs. Due to the successful strategy of avoiding entry level OEM business and direct competition with existed famous brands, Homa grasped a golden opportunity and soon formed its unique core competitiveness.

  • Achievements
    The No.1 Refrigerator Exporter to Europe (2008-2016)
    The No.1 Refrigerator Exporter in China (2009-2016)
    The No.1 Refrigerator OEM/ODM Supplier
    Global Sales over 55,000,000 Units
    Annual Sales over 7,000,000 Units
    The Fastest Growing Cooling Manufacturer
    The Only Listing Refrigerator Manufacturer Since 2000
    TOP 100 Trustworthy Company
  • Achievements
    TOP 100 Trustworthy Company
    Top 100 Micro-innovative Comopany
    Hi-Technology Company Certificate
    Technology Innovation Center in Guangdong
    Product Design Award at IFA
    Product Innovation Award at CES
    The Only Listing Refrigerator Manufacturer Since 2000